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About Dave

Over 40 years of diverse experience. Most recently, Production Engineering Advisor consulting for several E&P companies, providing technical support and design to the evaluation of alternatives and the implementation of optimal artificial lift solutions for the Montney liquids rich play in NE British Columbia.


Consulting services are available to assist in the design, development and implementation of equipment and processes for the upstream energy and natural resource industries.

News & Publications

10-15-2011  Canadian Unconventional Resource Conference, CSUG/SPE 149477​

Investigation of Liquid Loading in Tight Gas Horizontal Wells With a Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator


This paper presents liquid holdup data from a horizontal tight gas well, obtained through video logging. A transient multiphase flow model was then used to match the observed conditions. Results from the  model were found to be consistent with the measured data from the video-logging.


Sensitivity analyses were performed with normalized trajectories representing toe-up, toe-down, undulating, and complex drilling profiles. The results of the transient multiphase flow modelling support the conclusion that complex trajectories are more prone to production losses caused by liquid holdup. Holdup in the horizontal section can lead to slug flow from the horizontal wellbore to the tubing and to an early onset of liquid loading in the tubing.

The implications of this conclusion for trajectory optimization and tubing landing depth selection are explored. Modelling liquid holdup can lead to improvements in planning new drilling projects, mitigating the impact of liquid loading on long-term performance. 

10-19-2010  Canadian Unconventional Resource Conference, CSUG/SPE 137860

Plunger Lift Optimization in Horizontal Gas Wells: Case Studies and Challenges

This paper presents case studies showing the impact of plunger control software for horizontal wells. Case studies detailing operational performance benefits and the performance of various types of plungers in high angle applications are also presented. Additional case studies show the impact on plunger performance of well bore trajectory and liquid hold up in the horizontal well bore. Continuous improvements to strategies and operations have been implemented to fully optimize horizontal gas wells.

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